Eris Eventi Milan forum to focus on metal sintering for rapid manufacturing

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Stéphane Itasse

Eris Eventi has announced the line up for its RM Forum, a two-day seminar for metal sintering, an additive technology gaining increased popularity in rapid manufacturing applications.

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The seminar is scheduled for 20-21 Sept. at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel in Milan, Italy. It comprises three half-day components: an afternoon session on the first day focuses on the medical technology sector, and morning and afternoon sessions on the final day are geared toward two other sectors in which additive metal-sintering technology for small-series production is increasingly in demand, aeronautics and motor racing. The seminars are accompanied by a product exhibition also organised for these three areas of specialisation, with a fourth area dedicated to displays from suppliers of technology, metal powders, software and certification services.

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Each conference seminar consists of six lectures from experts representing such suppliers as Concept Laser, EOS, Renishaw, Materialise, SLM Solutions/DKP and Avioprop, along with service providers and opinion leaders from manufacturing companies using metal-sintering technology. The sessions are targeted at managers of service companies, owners of mechanical subcontracting enterprises, and directors of production at companies making durable consumer goods.

Forum topics include advanced metal-powder additive sintering, design for additive manufacturing, additive-technology materials, automation and control software, production system certification, and cost-analysis. In addition, companies providing rapid manufacturing services and those with additive technologies in their production lines will discuss their experiences.

Seminar talks will be in Italian with simultaneous English translation.

Eris Program S.r.l.

Milan, Italy

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