Ewikon Micro-manifold technology tailored to high-cavitation applications for polyolefins

Editor: Eric Culp

The technology has been used, for example, as the core component of hot halves for micro-injection moulding.

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The more the merrier: the manifold system suits moulds with multiple cavities.
The more the merrier: the manifold system suits moulds with multiple cavities.
(Source: Ewikon)

Ewikon has introduced a new solution for moulds with an extremely high number of cavities based on the company’s micro-manifold technology.

Mounting sleeve ensures easier attachment of cavity temperature, pressure sensors

The latest product is for processing polyolefins with small shot weights. It suits packaging and medical applications, which require cost-effective, large-scale parts production.

Balanced micro-manifolds feature four screwed-in heat-conductive tip inserts, each with a flow channel diameter of 3mm and a melt seal directly at the gate. The distance between the gating points is 30mm.

A manifold/four-tip cluster requires only one coil heater and one control zone, the company said. A homogeneous temperature profile is still achieved due to the relatively large mass of the manifold body, Ewikon explained. A main manifold placed on a second level feeds the micro-manifolds.

For high-cavitation moulds, the technology offers decisive advantages, the company noted. The system’s balanced flow channel layout and compact body reduce the total flow path length, pressure loss and residence times.

Furthermore, the design is said to be service-friendly. Tip inserts can be exchanged easily after removing the contour plate without dismantling the manifold system, the supplier explained.

Four-tip inserts need only one control zone, cutting costs for control technology as well as less space for electric wiring. The latter provides for compact mould layouts. One example showed a total wire length of 200m in a 192-drop mould, around one-third lower than for a tool with separate control zones for each tip insert.

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