Mikron Tool Micro-cutters suit stainless, super alloys

Editor: Eric Culp

The devices also offers through coolant.

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Improved surface quality is said to be an advantage.
Improved surface quality is said to be an advantage.
(Source: Mikron Tool)

Mikron Tool said it has made major strides in micro-milling of stainless steel, titanium, chrome-cobalt alloys and so-called super alloys with its milling cutter.

The company’s Crazy Mill Cool carbide endmill with through coolant capability is suited to slot, pocket and contour milling, the company said. The tool combines roughing and finishing, promising at the same time high efficiency, long tool life and a much better surface quality, Mikron noted.

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Pointing out that stainless steel’s poor heat conductivity means it cannot be dry machined, Mikron said its micro-cutter has three to four internal coolant channels through the shaft to bring coolant along the diameter to the cutting edges. The result is a targeted and massive cooling effect where it’s needed – at the cutting edges and in every machining position. In addition, chips are flushed away from the milling area, where they could disrupt milling and influence surface quality.

The company said it has launched a first series of small cylindrical cutters with diameters of 0.3mm - 4mm. A short version for maximum depths of 1.5 x D, a medium version for 3 x D and a long version for 5 x D are available. All of these have a cutting head of 1.5 x D, the company added.