Standard Mould Parts Meusburger forms Turkish subsidiary to sell standard mould parts

Editor: Eric Culp

The standard mould parts specialist Meusburger said it continues to expand its range of direct customer service, having added a sales branch in the Kadiköy district of Istanbul, Turkey.

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A team initially consisting of two area sales managers and one sales office employee will respond to the special needs of the Turkish market. In forming this wholly owned subsidiary, Austria-headquartered Meusburger aims to provide better, more-personal attention to local customers and to optimise its service delivery.

“In Turkey we are seeing a very important marketplace with high potential for growth,” explained Managing Partner Guntram Meusburger. “By forming this subsidiary, we want to be closer to our customers and, in this way, offer them even more advantages.”

Quality control

Meusburger heat-treats its standards for stress relief as part of the quality control element of its production process. Mould elements thus prepared form a reliable basis for high-quality moulds and tools, in the supplier’s judgment. The company operates three furnaces with a total capacity of 240 tons per day to reduce the stress within its tool steel to a minimum prior to machining parts. It also conducts spectral analyses, strength tests and ultrasound tests to confirm the quality of the steel it processes.

Thus, the standard plates and bars arriving at the warehouse exhibit consistent and assured high quality. They can be combined in many variations and are available for shipment on the day they are ordered.

The Meusburger portfolio consists of more than 46,000 catalogued items.

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co. KG

Wolfurt, Austria

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