MEX 2017 Measuring in high resolution

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

With the Tomo Scope XS machine, Werth's mearuting technology is now available in a compact format.

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Werth's Tomo Scope XS provides the Tomo Scope technology in a compact format compatible with any environment.
Werth's Tomo Scope XS provides the Tomo Scope technology in a compact format compatible with any environment.
(Source: Werth)

The transmission tube produces a small focal spot even at high X-ray power, so that rapid measurements can be performed at high resolution, Werth explains. The combination of an "open" structure and monoblock design is said to result in a long service life, with long maintenance intervals and low operating costs. Due to its compact construction and low weight, the machine can be set up nearly anywhere.

Other innovations in the field of computed tomography support economical measurements in a manufacturing environment, with short cycle times and a high level of automation. According to Werth, the On-The-Fly CT enables much shorter measurement times for measuring plastic and smaller metal components in conjunction with the manufacturing process.

According to the company, the CFL Chromatic Focus Line sensor allows a workpiece to be completely captured in 3D, with high accuracy and high measuring speed. The line distance sensor measures 192 measurement points at a time, with a line frequency of 2 kHz, for about one million measurement points in three seconds, Werth says. The measurement principle is based on chromatic aberration, making it largely independent of the surface condition of the workpiece. A raster image of the workpiece surface can also be created to allow for rapid measurement using the Werth Image Processing software.

Werth lists some other advantages of their Win Werth measurement software: Extended editing of scan path and point distributions enables rapid teaching of the entire measurement sequence using the 3D CAD model, before the first part is even produced. Once a program is completed, optimized point distributions can be tested and implemented with ease.

Werth will show its products at Moulding Expo 2017 in Hall 5, Booth E22.

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