Measuring device allows speedy multi-tasking

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Improving inspection processes in grinding shop

The firm needed to improve inspection processes in its high-precision grinding shop and was looking for a device that could measure the circumference and face of tools at the same time. “We scoured the market and decided that what we needed was a new microscope. But then we learned about Zoller’s Pombasic universal tool inspection machine at the Control 2014 trade fair,” he says.

Zoller cites rapid measurement speed, ease of use and concise documentation as the main advantages of its device. Kadir Kilic, head of Fraisa’s high-precision grinding shop claims that the Pombasic’s ease of use compares favourably with the ‘Elephant’ technology made famous by the ‘Genius’ universal measurement machine. “The Pombasic’s large monitor and high resolution makes work more comfortable. It’s easier on the eyes than working with a microscope,” he says.

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At Fraisa, the Pombasic is used mainly for random measurements in the series production of metal cutting tools. It’s said to allow for a wide range of diameters and lengths of tools to have their face geometries and circumferences measured at the same time, a process that Kilic claims to take less than a minute in some cases. “A test log and screenshot are also generated,” he adds. The machine is set up centrally in Fraisa's high-precision grinding shop. The company claims its shop staff needed just one brief training session to get used to the new technology, owing to the device’s intuitive interface.