Cutting Machines Mazak presents market entry machines at Mach 2022

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Among its extensive technology offering at Mach 2022, Yamazaki Mazak will be drawing show visitors attention to its entry level portfolio of machine tools on Stand 350 in Hall 20 at the Birmingham NEC.

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The CV5-500 incorporates a 30-tool magazine with a 1.3 second tool-to-tool ATC.
The CV5-500 incorporates a 30-tool magazine with a 1.3 second tool-to-tool ATC.
(Source: Mazak)

At Mach 2022, Mazak will be showcasing a series of entry level machines that will emphasise how its machine tools are a cost-effective, productive and environmentally friendly solution for manufacturers of all sizes and budget levels.

The cost-effective technology on show at the trade fair will include the CV5-500 5-axis machining centre, the 3-axis VCE Series machining centre and the robust QTE Series of turning centres. This diverse blend of technologies will demonstrate their usefulness for newcomers to the industry as well as seasoned experts — among others due to the user-friendly Mazatrol Smooth CNC system.

The CV5-500 entry-level 5-axis machining centre has been designed to combine high-speed precision machining with ease of operation. The bridge construction design of this 5-axis VMC with a fully supported trunnion table provides uncompromising levels of rigidity for precision machining, defining a new standard for exceptional value 5-axis machine tools.

From a technical standpoint, the CV5-500 has a fully supported trunnion table with roller gear cam on the B/C axes and roller linear guides on the X, Y and Z-axes to provide a stable and robust machining platform. The rolling motion of the cam gear delivers enhanced torque whilst eliminating backlash. This results in high performance and precision with its ability to contour or index in 0.0001-degree increments.

Offered with a 12,000 rpm 18.5 kW spindle as standard or with an optional 18,000 rpm high-speed spindle, the CV5-500 incorporates a 30-tool magazine with a lightning-fast 1.3 second tool-to-tool ATC, a compact footprint and the Mazatrol SmoothX CNC system. With an X, Y and Z-axis stroke of 730 by 450 by 470 mm and a BT40/CAT40 interface, the new machine can accommodate components up to 500 mm diameter by 320 mm high with a maximum table load of 200 kg. The spacious work envelope and table capacity give the CV5-500 the ability to produce everything from small to relatively large components.

The CV5-500 also incorporates several features that underpin its power and precision. This includes the Thermal Shield automatic temperature compensation system that maximises accuracy to retain perfect precision during ambient room temperature changes.

Additionally, the machine has been designed with a compact spindle nose to minimise workpiece interference, maximise rigidity and prolong tool life whilst tools can be changed without returning the table to its home position, shaving valuable seconds off cycle times. Mazak has designed the CV5-500 with full consideration given to automation; and at Mach, show visitors can discuss the credentials of the machine along with the multitude of automation solutions and the groundbreaking SmoothX CNC control that makes the utopia of ‘done-in-one’ machining a reality for 5-axis newcomers.

Complementing the CV5-500 with an exhibition premiere will be the VCE-600 3-axis vertical machining centre. Designed and built in the UK, the VCE-600 has an impressive specification and appealing price-point that justify why Mazak classes this next generation machining centre an affordable solution for everyone from OEMs down to small subcontractors and hobbyists.

The new VCE-600 incorporates a variety of new technologies that deliver high performance.
The new VCE-600 incorporates a variety of new technologies that deliver high performance.
(Source: Mazak)

The new VCE-600 incorporates a variety of new technologies that deliver industry-leading performance, productivity and ease-of-use - all in a small footprint. The compact 2.9 by 3.12 by 3.14 m (height/width/depth) floor area and a spacious 1.3 m by 600 mm table with X, Y and Z-axis travel of 1,050 by 600 by 600 mm will attract manufacturers with limited factory space. Inside the machine envelope is a 12,000 rpm 18.5 kW dual winding spindle with 119.4 Nm of torque that provides exceptional power for heavy-duty milling at the low-speed range whilst at high speed, the spindle retains a high-power output at high speed for machining lightweight materials and profiling parts.

The 7/24 No40 spindle with through coolant is supplied with cutting tools by a 1.9 second tool-to-tool quick-change 24 position ATC. As well as a class-leading spindle, the new VCE-600 demonstrates its build quality with extremely rigid linear roller guides on all axes that emphasise the machine’s ability to perform both heavy-duty cutting as well as high-speed machining. This is complemented by direct drive servo motors on all axes and fully ground pre-tensioned ball screws that combine to deliver unsurpassed levels of precision and repeatability.

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The new Mazatrol Smooth Ez CNC control system on the VCE-600 with its intuitive 15 inch touch screen display that can offer ‘Ez Operation’ with its ability to be operated like a smartphone or tablet will be presented at the stand. The display can be customised with the positioning of data to suit the user. By customising the display, data can be checked and edited with minimum screen transition. For ‘Ez Machining’, the Mazatrol Smooth Ez allows customers to use the Mazak Mazatrol interface to create, check and edit programmes via a 3D model of the workpiece or alternately use full EIA/ISO functionality for G-Code programming — offering engineers the utmost in flexibility.

Mazatrol SmoothX CNC system
Mazatrol SmoothX CNC system
(Source: Mazak)

Added to this, the Smooth Ez offers ‘Ez Setup’ where all manufacturing data, such as programs, fixture setup, machine models, tooling data and co-ordinate systems, can be synchronised by Smooth Project Manager to Smooth CAM Ai.

Appearing alongside the machining centres at Mach will be the QTE Series of turning centre that ranges from the compact QTE100SG that has a maximum machining capacity of 290 mm diameter by 299 mm length through to the QTE300SG that offers a diameter up to 350 mm with a workpiece length up to 1063.5 mm. The variant on show will be the QTE200SG that can accommodate parts up to 290 mm diameter with a maximum workpiece length of 285/520 mm. The QTE200SG is a compact workhorse that provides productive turning capability. At the same time, further QTE model variants enhance machining capability with milling, Y-axis and second-spindle functions to facilitate ‘done-in-one’ machining of the simplest to the most complex of workpieces.

The QTE200SG is driven by an integral 5,000 rpm high-performance 15 kW stepless spindle motor that requires no transmission via belts, pulleys or gears. This feature minimises vibration during high-speed cutting to generate impeccable surface finishes and improve tool life whilst delivering exceptional power throughout the speed range. To maximise uptime, the QTE200SG has a servo-driven 12-position tool turret with a capacity for 25 mm diameter tool shanks that minimises non-cutting time with its non-lifting indexing. Optionally, customers can select an 8 or 24 tool turret as well as milling spindles that can be found on the M, MY, MS and MSY variants.

To simplify turning operations, the QTE200SG has an NC tailstock with travel and thrust controlled by a servo motor to precisely move the MT No4 tailstock position in 0.1kN increments. Using the menu key or an M-Code on the set-up screen, operators can move the tailstock with its low thrust capability to maximise precision and stability on even the smallest of workpieces.

Separating the QTE200SG from other machines in its class is the Mazatrol Smooth Ez (Easy) CNC interface. Similar to other Smooth controls in the Mazak portfolio, the Smooth Ez defines ease of use and productive solutions with fast set-up times and an interface equipped with Quick Mazatrol for enhanced Mazatrol programming and ease-of-use through its enhanced 15-inch screen. For ‘Ez set-up’ the data on the machine can be synchronised with a PC in the office via Smooth Project Manager, creating virtual machines to duplicate factory floor production. Optionally, manufacturers can integrate Smooth CAM AI to automatically generate programmes from 3D CAD data. As an entry-level machine, nothing defines the QTE200SG more than the Quick Mazatrol that provides ‘Ez operation’ with its ability to quickly and easily create, check and edit programmes by displaying the 3D model of the workpiece on the customisable touch-screen display. Whilst the ‘Ez operation’ defines the entry-level credentials of the QTE200SG, it is the ‘Ez Machining’ technology with built-in heat displacement control via the Thermal Shield LD that epitomises the quality and innovation behind the machine.

The QTE200SG is available with a wealth of optional extras that make this extremely compact (2.2 m by 1.59 m footprint) machine perfect for all machine shops. The options include 8 or 24 tool-position turret, Y-axis milling, sub-spindle, automated workpiece loading and unloading via gantry or the Ez Loader 10 Cobot system, a tool eye for tool measurement, compensation and tool breakage inspection and also a steady rest.