CNC Software Mastercam summer teacher training 2017

Editor: Briggette Jaya

USA – Producer of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, CNC Software has announced its 2017 Mastercam summer teacher training programme.

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The different courses offered for different topics will begin mid-July.
The different courses offered for different topics will begin mid-July.
(Source: Mastercam)

The company's Educational Division holds a series of week-long classes for instructors around North America every year to provide instructors with the training for a successful, up-to-date programming and also to share ideas with other instructors in their field.

The dates for the different offerings summed up:

Mastercam fundamentals – Designed for beginners to become comfortable working with the tools in Mastercam. July 17-21 in Gig Harbor, WA.

Introduction to Mastercam 2018 – Transition into Mastercam 2018, the latest platform with a short review of basic CAD/CAM/CNC. Creating machined projects, while incorporating the software’s various design and toolpath features. July 24-28 in Granite City, IL.

STEM electric guitar building – Learning Mastercam basics and build one's electric guitar. Student-centred learning activities that relate the guitar design to specific math, science and engineering topics. July 24-28 in Redmond, OR.

Router project-based training - In this interactive class, one learns CAD functions including wire-frame geometry and solid modeling techniques, as well as the latest in Mastercam toolpath technology while designing one's own acoustic amplifier and design to amplify sound from the cell phone. July 31-August 4 in Tolland, CT.

Intermediate Mastercam – For CAD/CAM and machining teachers of any skill level from beginners through advanced. Focus on projects that motivate students in manufacturing while teaching them the basics. August 1-4 in Garland, TX.

Certification training – For intermediate or advanced teachers who want to become Mastercam certified instructors, with the use of Mastercam university materials and related curriculum. August 7-11 in Dallas, TX.

Teacher training – Offered by Fas-Tech – Five days of varying classes, based on one's skill level. August 7-11 in Batavia, OH.

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