Walter Manual measuring device

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

With the manual measuring device Heliset Plus, Walter introduces a solution for optimising the machining time by up to 30% for eroding of complex tools, the company says.

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Heliset Plus optimises the processing time of complex tools.
Heliset Plus optimises the processing time of complex tools.
(Source: Neubert Werbung)

The Heliset Plus is integrated into the production process - measurement operations previously carried out in the tool preparation area or in the erosion machine are now completed concurrently on the Heliset Plus. With the intuitive user interface, a touchscreen operation, a live front light image for fast positioning of the measuring points, and the representation of cutting edges already measured, the device can be operated by any user immediately and without programming, Walter says. The integrated data output via XML to the Walter Window Mode software of the Walter eroding machine or to the Helicheck measuring machine also saves working time. According to Walter, Heliset Plus is suitable for the measurement of tools up to a diameter of 350 mm and a length of 400 mm. The equipment includes, in addition to a workstation, a manual axis adjustment, an ISO 50 spindle as well as a back light camera with 45x magnification and a front light. The Heliset Plus is also predestined for the measurement of grinding wheels.

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