Makerbot Makerbot launches Method X with ABS 3D printing

Editor: Steffen Donath

Method X aims to amplify accessible 3D printing with real ABS, a 100°C build chamber, and SR-30 supports designed for end-use parts and manufacturing tools.

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Method X aims to build on the foundation that Method has created.
Method X aims to build on the foundation that Method has created.
(Source: Makerbot)

Makerbot announced the launch of Method X, a manufacturing workstation engineered to challenge traditional manufacturing with real ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material, a 100°C chamber, and Stratasys SR-30 soluble supports to deliver dimensional accuracy and precision for complex, durable parts. Method X is capable of printing real ABS that can withstand up to 15°C higher temperatures, is up to 26 % more rigid, and up to 12 % stronger than modified ABS formulations used on desktop 3D printer competitors, the company states.

Desktop 3D printer manufacturers attempt to get around part deformation that occurs, due to the high shrinkage rate of the material, by using a heated build plate in combination with altered ABS formulations that are easier to print but compromise thermal and mechanical properties. Makerbot Precision ABS has a heat deflection temperature of up to 15°C higher than competitors’ ABS, which are modified to make material printable without a heated chamber, according to the company. With Method X, the 100°C Circulating Heated Chamber reduces part deformation while increasing part durability and surface finish.

The Makerbot Method X combines industry expertise and technologies from Stratasys with Makerbot’s accessibility and ease of use to provide professionals with an industrial 3D printer at a disruptive price point.

A 100°C Circulating Heated Chamber provides a stable print environment for Z-layer bonding — resulting in high-strength parts with superior surface finish.

Evolving Method

“When we initially launched Method, we broke the price-to-performance barrier by delivering a 3D printer that was designed to bridge the technology gap between industrial and desktop 3D printers. This made industrial 3D printing accessible to professionals for the first time. Since then, we have shipped hundreds of printers and received positive feedback from our customers on the precision and reliability of the machine,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO, Makerbot. “With Method X, we are taking a step further to revolutionise manufacturing. Method X was created for engineers who need true ABS for production-ready parts that are dimensionally-accurate with no geometric restrictions. Method X delivers industrial-level 3D printing without compromising on ABS material properties and automation in a new price category.”

Engineered as an automated, tinker-free industrial 3D printing system, Method X includes industrial features such as dry-sealed material bays, dual performance extruders, soluble supports, and an ultra-rigid metal frame. Method X’s automation and industrial technologies create a controlled printing environment so professionals can design, test, and iterate faster.

These key technologies — combined with Makerbot ABS for Method — are designed to help engineers achieve dimensionally-accurate, production- grade parts at a significantly lower cost than traditional manufacturing processes, the company states.