Leibinger “Made in Germany” high-speed marking

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Paul Leibinger will present its latest continuous inkjet printer, the Jet-3-up Rapid. The high-speed printer allows cables to be marked immediately after extrusion at up to 1000 m/min (60 km/h).

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The Jet-3-up Rapid for high-speed marking.
The Jet-3-up Rapid for high-speed marking.
(Source: Leibinger)

The inkjet coder achieves very high speeds when marking and coding other plastic products too, the company notes.

The printer is said to achieve up to 40% higher printing and production speeds as it has a much higher drop frequency and has print heads designed for high speeds. Three different variants are available depending on the intended industry and application. Jet-3-up Rapid is fitted with an automatic nozzle seal, Sealtronic that prevents ink from drying, Leibinger claims. During pauses in production, the gutter and the nozzle form an airtight circuit: No ink can leak out of the circuit nor can air get in. Even after long shut-down periods, the coder is ready to print within one minute – without any cleaning cycles.

Other models showcased include the company’s Jet-3-up and Jet-2-neo printer series, ideal for marking and coding plastic products and all equipped with the Sealtronic nozzle seal; the Jet-3-up Pro that features protection class IP65 for marking and coding in a wet or dusty production environment and Jet-3-up PI for printing on dark surfaces with light, high-contrast inks.

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