Grob-Werke/ AMB Machining centres are getting equipped for Industry 4.0

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Presenting at AMB for the sixth time, Grob-Werke will showcase four universal machining centres, automation solutions and the company’s Grob-Net Industry software technology.

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The second­generation G350 has a revamped machine design and several new components.
The second­generation G350 has a revamped machine design and several new components.
(Source: Grob-Werke)

Today, Grob-Werke's successful G-series of universal machining centres includes the G350, G550, G750 and G1050. The first three are also available as milling and turning versions, and are also offered with automation systems.

Also on show are 5-axis universal machining centres and a two-spindle machine from the G-series. The second-generation Grob universal machining centres on display are characterised by a revamped machine design and several new components. One of them, the G550 5-axis universal machining centre, will be expanded by a rotary pallet storage system and an additional tool magazine – the TM200 – to form a flexible manufacturing cell that offers optimum entry to automated and efficient production. Grob notes that by offering a second development stage universal machining centre that is user-friendly, it is taking the logical step towards complete automation solutions.

The second-generation G350 on show has improved dynamics, reduced idle and chip-to-chip times and increased tool magazine capacity. Thanks to the double disc-type tool magazine, the tool length has been increased by 33%, from 365 to 550mm. The machine's external dimensions are smaller and it now has a compact design.

The machining centres are used in the aerospace, mechanical engineering, toolmaking and mould design industries as well as the automotive and medical sectors, the company notes.

Another highlight is the Grob-Net Industry software technology, which uses web technology to create cross-plant transparency throughout the production process. Developed by Grob, it networks and digitalises production processes to facilitate paperless communication for higher productivity.

Grob-Werke will be in Hall 10, Booth B11.

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