Machining Equipment Machine tool suppliers to host UK event for integrated production technology

Editor: Eric Culp

Matsuura and Tornos have announced they will hold a joint integrated technology fair at their technology centres in Leicestershire with companies such as Fanuc Robotics and Mitutoyo on 16-18 October 2012.

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Matsuura and Tornos said they will work with a range of other firms to create integrated produciton solutions.
Matsuura and Tornos said they will work with a range of other firms to create integrated produciton solutions.
(Source: Matsuura)

The organisers said they will present turning and machining centres connected with robots and metrology units for seamless manufacturing technology integration and the associated cost savings.

The companies explained that customers increasingly have been asking suppliers to work in closer union to deliver cost-effective and proven manufacturing processes. Presenting solutions and the immediate net benefits of integrated manufacturing technology is the core aim of the event, according to the organisers, who can be contacted by those wishing to attend.

Matsuura said they will be highlighting the capabilities of 14 machine tools at the company's facility and another six machines in the Tornos showroom. Matsuura is scheduled to present the single-table, 5-axis MX-520 machine tool, which is targeted at shops making the transition from 3- to 5-axis operations. The machine tool supplier will also present the H.Plus-630, a horizontal centre for large and complex components.

Tornos said for turning, they will show the MultiSwiss, a 12-axis EvoDeco 16, the dual capability Gamma 20/6b, and Delta 20/5 together with 38/5, and the Almac CU2007. Tornos noted that two machines shown for the first time in the UK will be 12-axis EvoDeco 16, which will be highlighting its four completely independent tooling systems with the production of medical parts whilst the 3- to 5-axis Tornos Almac CU2007 compact machining centre will demonstrate its precision capabilities.

Fanuc Robotics pick and place units will automatically load and unload the machining equipment, the companies said. Mitutoyo co-ordinate measuring machines will conduct component inspection.

A number of tooling, workholding, CAD/CAM software, probing and swarf management companies will also be integrating their products into the processes to demonstrate the "complete solution" concept, the hosts noted. Supporting companies scheduled to participate in the event include Iscar, Sandvik, ITC, Floyd Automatic Tooling, Jemtech, PSL Datatrack, Mecwash, Delcam and Lease UK.

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