Mitsubishi Materials Long-lived steel milling cutters machine titanium alloys at high removal rates

Editor: Eric Culp

New VFX5 milling cutters from Mitsubishi Materials, smaller versions of the tools in the proven VFX6 series, are designed for high-performance machining of titanium alloys. They have achieved high metal removal rates of 500 cm3/min while displaying high reliability and long tool life.

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VFX5 cutter bodies are available in diameters of 40 to 80 mm and in short and standard lengths. Manufactured from high-grade 42CrMo4 steel for structural rigidity and integrity under high loads and temperatures, the cutters feature an innovative system of holes for internal coolant, with exit nozzles of changeable diameter to suit various coolant pressures and requirements for chip dispersion.

Completing Mitsubishi’s portfolio addition are new, smaller XNMU16 inserts in the PVD-coated MP9030 grade, with corner radii ranging from 0.8 to 5.0 mm. The inserts’ substrate and titanium-based coating in combination provide the low wear and minimal cutting resistance that are crucial for milling titanium alloys successfully. Their cutting-edge geometry features a multistage convex rake face to ensure smooth yet strong cutting action. By emulating that of a solid-carbide end mill, this geometry allows better-than-standard wall finishes to be achieved.

VFX5 insert pockets are designed with a large axial contact face and double shallow V-formation radial contact points to ensure high overall clamping strength, high repeatability of insert positioning and optimal dispersion of loads. A larger-than-normal TS450 screw that can be tightened to a recommended torque of 5.0 Nm anchors each insert securely.

Mitsubishi Materials

Meerbusch, Germany

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