Additive Manufacturing London set to host 3D printing exhibition

Editor: Eric Culp

The 3D Printshow will be London’s first major 3D printing trade and consumer event, according to the show organiser.

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Conceptual art made with 3D printing technology will be one part of London's 3D Printshow in October.
Conceptual art made with 3D printing technology will be one part of London's 3D Printshow in October.
(Source: Universal Everything)

It said the fair, scheduled for 19 - 21 October at The Brewery in London, is expected to host more than 70 exhibitors ranging from major manufacturers and software developers to design studios, architects and medical companies.

"Our aim is to showcase the extraordinary range of applications 3D print technology has and demonstrate to the consumer how it will affect their lives in the future," the show's organiser said. "Over the course of three days we expect around 4,500 visitors to pass through the doors."

"We are keen for our visitors to engage with the technology in any way they can and leave with increased knowledge and understanding," the organiser said. It added that the show will include a large design bar and a full 3D body scanner. Also scheduled are a series of educational workshops and seminars, ranging from a master class in using 3D printing for improving a company's business to a class on 3D fashion and jewellery design.

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"In order to demonstrate the creative applications of the technology, a dedicated gallery space will house conceptual art and sculpture from approximately 40 different international artists, including designers such as Neri Oxman and Assa Ashuach," the organiser said. The fair also plans to host London's first 3D print live show, featuring fashion, accessories and gadgets as well as the world's first 3D-printed band.

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