HRS Flow/NPE Live moulding demonstrations

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

On the occasion of the NPE fair, four Flex-Flow live moulding demonstrations will be held in co-operation with HRS Flow project partners, including materials suppliers, mould-makers and injection moulding machine manufacturers.

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HRS Flow's electrical, servo-driven valve gate technology.
HRS Flow's electrical, servo-driven valve gate technology.
(Source: HRS Flow)

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience HRS Flow's electrically driven valve gate solutions for automotive and non-automotive premium parts. The Italian hot runner specialist will focus its presentation on hot runner solutions tailored to the injection moulding of complex, large-format parts with demanding quality requirements.

Several partners will show the technology in action at their booths: At Booth W3742, Wittmann Battenfeld will show a solution for exterior automotive components, the production of an automotive spoiler utilising a Flex-Flow 5-drop hot runner system demonstrating excellent flow and pressure distribution during processing, elimination of pressure and hesitation lines, and optimisation for colour change. Other partners of HRS Flow are Yizumi (Booth W3343), Krauss Maffei (Booth W403) and Engel (Booth W3303).

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