Creaform Lightweight optical 3D scanners provide high resolution or high measurement speed

Editor: Eric Culp

Creaform, a specialist in portable 3D measurement technologies, offers its handheld MetraScan 3D optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) scanners in two versions.

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The MetraScan 70 is designed to provide optimal resolution in QC applications where geometrical feature definition is key, such as sheet metal and tooling inspection. In contrast, the MetraScan 210 features higher measurement speed. Well suited for large-surface metrology and large-scale reverse engineering, it has a generous standoff and depth of field which enhance scanning flexibility. The scanners are equally accurate, and both have a lightweight carbon structure.

MetraScan 3D scanners have been engineered to maximise reliability, speed and versatility in scanning applications performed in the laboratory or on the shop floor. Easy to use, they take only a few minutes to set up. The systems feature proprietary TRUaccuracy technology, designed to ensure highly accurate dimensional surface measurement whatever the environmental conditions or operator skill level.

A MetraScan 3D CMM scanner employed in combination with a HandyProbe arm-free CMM makes a complete and powerful measurement system for points and surfaces. Such a configuration allows both geometrical and free-form inspection of one part to be performed with one system.

Creaform EMEA

Fontaine, France