Fakuma 2014 Laser marking solutions for product identification and direct part marking

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Foba, an international market and technology leader in the product identification and direct part marking market, presents leading developments for laser marking at Fakuma.

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(Source: Foba)

According to the company, it will be showcasing a collection of laser marking workstations for the permanent and reliable marking of industrial parts with machine readable traceability codes, serial numbers, logos, alphanumeric characters or personalised patterns and letterings or day/night design symbols. The integrated vision alignment system IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) is claimed to improve output, process reliability and quality assurance. According to Foba, the Optical Character Verification feature delivers reliable traceability and amended product safety.

Applications extend from panels and switches in automotive interiors through tubes and single-use syringes in the medical field to valves and pumps in mechanical engineering. Foba develops and sells equipment for laser marking and engraving of a range of items, including plastic components and finished products. Applications include traceability for safety, to prevent counterfeiting and to individualise consumer goods. The stand will host live demonstrations and a Foba laser expert will discuss trends in decorative laser marking.