Renishaw Larger measuring system for better reach and heavy workpieces

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Among the highlights at Renishaw's booth at the recent Control fair was the company's newly introduced Equator 500 from the Equator range of gauging systems.

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The Equator range is compatible with IPC software, which allows for constant monitoring.
The Equator range is compatible with IPC software, which allows for constant monitoring.
(Source: Renishaw)

Renishaw says that both its Equator 300 and 500 gauging systems provide accuracy between five and 50ºC, regardless of the temperature change rate, and are capable of scanning speeds over 200 mm/s.

Each system is compatible with simple-to-use organiser operator software, EZ-IO software for automation as well as IPC (intelligent process control) software for updating tool offsets on CNC machine tools.

Equator 500 has a larger measuring volume of up to 500 mm in diameter in the X/Y axes and 250 mm in the Z axis when it is operated with the SM25-2 scanning module, reaching up to 400 mm with the SM25-3, which in turn allows for a styli of up to 200 mm in length – thus reaching many more features. The base of the gauge supports workpieces/fixtures of up to 100 kg.

Applications include the manufacture of car and truck transmission and engine casings, drive-train parts like conrods and differential housings, suspension castings, pressed parts, valves and pumps.

Climatic conditions with variable daily or even seasonal temperature cycles as well as cold machine shops in the morning that registers temperature increases due to both external conditions and machinery heating up are no problem for the system. The Equator has been proven to cope with all these temperature changes by re-mastering itself, Renishaw claims.

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