Standard parts Large toolmaking range with attachments for car manufacturers

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The supplier of standard parts Strack Norma, is constantly expanding its range of solutions for large-scale toolmaking and has add-on parts in its programme that take into account the standards of car manufacturers. In this way, the family-owned company offers large toolmakers in the stamping sector products and services completely from one source.

Strack Norma has add-on parts in its portfolio that are specially tailored to the automotive industry.
Strack Norma has add-on parts in its portfolio that are specially tailored to the automotive industry.
(Source: Strack Norma)

Pre-positioning of the blank is one of the basic requirements for stable production. For this reason, Strack Norma has add-on parts in its portfolio that are specially tailored to the automotive industry. These include different versions of deflectors; the standard parts specialist also offers hardened versions with end position control or for low-wear processing of high-strength sheet metal.

The product range also includes different cutting and embossing elements as well as a comprehensive range of support elements. In terms of guide elements, Strack Norma offers columns and bushes in accordance with the VDI guideline as well as a wide range of flat guide rails, sliding plates in bronze with solid lubricant or in SNS sintered metal as well as prismatic guides in SNS. According to the company, the guide elements with the SNS sintered metal lining are characterised by their high durability, a significantly improved service life and a temperature resistance of up to 250°C. Ludger Müller, Technical Manager at Strack Norma, explains: “Thanks to the steel base body, the elements simultaneously offer consistently favourable purchase prices and thus contribute to budget compliance for the overall tool.”

The range of gas springs according to ISO and VDI is complemented by numerous special solutions. These include controlled gas spring systems as well as harnessed complete solutions, the on-site assembly of which is included in the service. For greater ease of maintenance, as well as to minimise possible leakage points in the mould, composite plate systems that can be individually adapted to the mould environment are suitable. Here, the standard gas springs are provided with passages in their base, screwed onto the composite plate and connected to each other with drilled channels. This also allows the distances between the gas struts to be reduced to a minimum.

Cone spacers and deflectors are just as much part of the standard accessories of the standard parts specialist as components that have to be individually adapted to the mould environment. Strack Norma offers the service to order these components adapted to the mould dimensions, such as stop pins with hinge or pressure pins. In addition to the proven Power Max cam units, the designer and toolmaker will also find numerous special cam solutions that are adapted to his particular applications. The pull cam and the patented multiguide cam units (PMOM) stand out. Pull cam allow the working direction to be reversed, while the multiguide cam is optimally guided and projects far into the tool.

Users of Polygon punch holding plates can choose from stripper types of different categories. When using high-strength and higher-strength plates, however, the stripping force increases so that conventional types with elastomer inserts, spiral or disc springs are too weak and problems increasingly occur. This is where our Nitro-Strip gas pressure spring wipers come into play. Specially designed gas springs with integrated wiper bushes, which can be supplied according to customer specifications with a machined shape and inner contour, ensure the required high force during the cutting process. The Volkswagen Group also uses these advantages in its tools. Nitro Strip is approved throughout the Group, across all brands.


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