LGB Large 5-axis bridge-type machining centre can handle heavy moulds, tools

Editor: Eric Culp

LGB manufactures grinding machines and 3- and 5-axis machining centres suitable for the processing of production tooling, injection moulds, and cutting, forming, foundry and forging tools. Representative of its 5-axis line is the KX 45 Square Five bridge-type milling centre.

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The KX 45 Square Five offers travels in the linear x-, y- and z-axes of 1,500, 1,500 and 800 mm, respectively. The space between the bridge supports is 1,660 mm. The machine worktable, a 1,480 x 1,440-mm platform, accommodates loads as great as 5,000 kg. Rapid feed rates in the linear axes are 40 m/min in the x- and y-dimensions and 30 m/min in the z-axis. Accelerations are 5 m/sec2.

This machining centre comes equipped with the Five 1 milling spindle with an HSK-F63 taper. The spindle provides 7.5 kW of power and 10.5 Nm of torque at the S1 continuous-duty rating, and at the S6 rating for continuous operation, periodic duty, offers 11 kW and 15 Nm. Its maximum speed is 20,000 rpm, and characteristic operational speed is 7,000 rpm. In addition, the spindle delivers torque of 20 Nm in both the swivelling a-axis and the rotational c-axis.

The KX 45 Square Five comes standard with a 24-tool-capacity magazine. A 40-tool magazine is offered as an option. This centre’s standard numerical control is the Heidenhain iTNC 530. However, it can also be supplied with a Siemens 840D SL control.


Villeurbanne, France


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