Xjet KU Leuven University installs Carmel 1400 AM system

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Xjet's Carmel 1400 will be used for research programmes and developing AM medical opportunities.

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L-R: Prof. Shoufeng Yang, happy with the new installation, seen here with Xjet's Avi Cohen.
L-R: Prof. Shoufeng Yang, happy with the new installation, seen here with Xjet's Avi Cohen.
(Source: Xjet)

Additive manufacturing company Xjet has installed a Carmel 1400 AM system at the KU Leuven University in Belgium. The installation, which marks the first Xjet system at an academic institution in Europe, will be used for university research programmes and the development of additive manufacturing (AM) medical opportunities in the region, the company says.

The Carmel system and its proprietary Nano Particle Jetting technology (NPJ) will be used by academics to explore medical uses and, research and education purposes in AM. The KU Leuven is positioned as one of the leading academic centres for AM in Europe.

Head of AM research at the university, Prof. Shoufeng Yang, who has been active in additive manufacturing for over 20 years, is known worldwide for his years of research in the field for various academic institutions. He believes that the NPJ technology is pushing the limits of innovation made possible by AM. Prof. Yang explains: “The Xjet system offers the high levels of precision and exceptional detailing required — levels that were previously impossible or extremely time-consuming in post-processing.” He added that the use of soluble support materials with no harmful powders, makes it a much easier process, which opens up opportunities for innovation. “I believe that this is the best ceramic AM method which can be easily upgraded into future multi-materials AM, which is a grand challenge in the AM industry.”

The team at KU Leuven is focused on the medical and pharmaceutical industries, having already produced a number of implants, namely ceramic bones. The institution’s aim is to spread the use of AM across the manufacturing world with Carmel, which will allow for the acceleration of its research and development of AM across Europe. KU Leuven has also announced that it is actively seeking collaborators for production projects in the AM industry.

“Institutions like KU Leuven University are essential to the ongoing growth of AM and specifically medical AM, allowing for breakthrough research developments as we have seen with previous examples,” notes Avi Cohen, VP of Healthcare and Education at Xjet.”

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