Iscar Keeping pace with advanced machining technologies

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Israel – To satisfy the constant demands for ever greater metal removal rates and to enable the full productive potential of today’s advanced machine tools, Iscar continuously develops unique tools that are suitable for rough, medium and finishing applications.

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Chatterfree end mills maximise stock removal and reduce cycle time in most milling operations, cutting tool manufacturer Iscar says.
Chatterfree end mills maximise stock removal and reduce cycle time in most milling operations, cutting tool manufacturer Iscar says.
(Source: Iscar)

The unrelenting quest for continuous improvements and reductions in production times within demanding sectors such as the automotive and aviation industries has inspired the world’s machine tool manufacturers to develop even more efficient products. In order to use the enhanced speed and feed rate capabilities to their full potential, metal removal tools must exhibit the same advanced capabilities.

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Ensuring high levels of productivity

In regard to solid carbide end mills, Iscar has introduced cutting-edge upgrades, such as advanced flute geometries, the use of superior substrates and the application of highly developed coatings, which have enabled end mill technology to keep pace with advancements in machine tools, the company says. The application of innovative tool geometries provides soft cuts for increased tool life and ensures high levels of productivity. In addition, Iscar's premium carbide grades and advanced coatings are said to allow users to optimise each application.

New grades for solid carbide end mills include the IC608 for hardened steel (45-60HRC) at moderate to high cutting speeds or alloy steels at moderate to high cutting speeds. Moreover, the grade is said to feature a hard PVD coating that provides substantially improved tool life and reliability.

According to Iscar, it has invested a great deal of time and effort in developing tools that are able to deliver maximum metal removal rates when used on today’s most popular materials. The application of the most appropriate advanced geometries, combined with the most suitable coatings and correct carbide grades ensure maximum metal removal rates, the company claims. The company's Chatterfree solid carbide end mills with different flute helix angles and variable pitch are made for rough machining operations of stainless steel; the EC-H4M-CF-E end mills feature 4 and 5-flute, variable pitch and configurations and different helix angles; 37º/39º, cylindrical and Weldon shanks. They are made from an IC900 PVD coated grade and are available in a 6-16 mm diameter range, Iscar says.

These highly efficient tools reduce cutting forces and power consumption and increase productivity in low-power machines with CAT40 or BT40 or HSK 63 spindles when used on most types of materials, including steel, stainless steel and exotic materials.

Following the successful introduction of the Finishred solid carbide end mills, featuring Iscar’s IC300 substrate, the range’s good performance on titanium, other high-temperature materials and stainless steel proved to be extremely advantageous, Iscar claims.

Made for 5-axis machining applications

For 5-axis machining, Iscar offers the ball-nose Chatterfree variable pitch solid carbide end mills, which are designed for roughing and finishing operations on hard materials of up to 65 HRC, the cutting tool specialist says. Made from grade IC902 to provide long tool life, these variants feature a unique geometry and are available in a diameter range from 3 - 16 mm, Iscar says. Furthermore, the EB-E4L….CF.. IC902 end mills are said to provide a unique solution for machining hard materials and offer advantageous performance, especially within the die and mould industry.