JOKE JOKE Starts Year with New Catalogue

Author / Editor: Eric Culp / Jürgen Schreier

JOKE Technology GmbH issued a new product catalogue at the beginning of 2012. Featuring more than 6,000 products on 440 user-friendly pages, the sourcing reference is available in eight languages.

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In addition to product descriptions, JOKE Catalogue No. 72 contains tips and tricks for optimizing grinding, polishing and lapping steps, plus technical background information and explanatory matter. This edition highlights innovative new products and includes price reductions for certain products. Regarding the latter, JOKE has been able to optimize its storage processes and thus reduce costs.

Another new development for JOKE is that the surface-processing-technology company is now exclusively selling and marketing lapping disks and diamond-based polishing suspensions from LAM Plan S.A. Described in its own system brochure, this product line is designed for lapping and polishing mechanical and electronic parts and for polishing and maintaining injection moulds. The disks are characterized by a stable flatness and attain high removal rates. They work with the Neo Lap diamond emulsion.

JOKE backs its products with services, including training and the on-site tryout of process steps on customers’ specific workpieces.

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