Joke Technology Joke presents a world-first: It's a revolution, not just an evolution

Author / Editor: Barbara Schulz / Barbara Schulz

Germany - Over the course of three years, Joke has further developed and redesigned its flagship surface technology product Eneska. Eneska micro now comes with more horsepower, improved ergonomics, and is downward compatible.

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Proudly presenting their "baby": Head of Sales Carsten Schütz, Marketing Manager Barbara Lucke, Product Manager Jürgen Meyer and MD Udo Fielenbach (l-r).
Proudly presenting their "baby": Head of Sales Carsten Schütz, Marketing Manager Barbara Lucke, Product Manager Jürgen Meyer and MD Udo Fielenbach (l-r).
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Joke's headquarters in Bergisch-Gladbach near Cologne is easy to miss, the building being nestled in a quiet residential area. But the company, which looks back on a 75-year history, is anything but small. Last year, the surface treatment specialist generated sales of €13m with 60 staff on site, and €20m including the Joke film sealing technology branch, which adds an additional 40 staff to the team.

“We are the leading technical supplier of surface technology in Europe and have more than 20,000 products online and around 10,000 customers,” said Udo Fielenbach, MD, at a recently held press briefing. “While being a 100% distributor, we have now together with partner companies developed and revolutionised our best-seller, the Eneska polishing system.”

Developed by Joke and partners, 100% made in Germany

The Eneska polishing system used to be manufactured by a Japan-based company and had been sold under the Joke label. Now, the company decided to develop and improve the device according to industry demands. It took three years, Product Manager Jürgen Meyer said not without pride, until the system was fully developed and mature enough to go into production.

Modern device that is easy to handle

Joke will use the opportunity of the upcoming metalworking exhibition AMB in Stuttgart (13 - 17 September) to showcase the result of years of testing and research, the Eneska micro. The device looks modern and is indeed easy to handle. It can be carried to any workplace with ease, and the newly designed handpiece not only rests comfortably in your hand, but allows for fatigue-free, rapid operation. "The handpiece and the complete design of our low-vibration polishing device is intended to reduce the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury) and tendonitis," explains Marketing Manager Barbara Lucke. "Moreover, we have increased the rotational speed to 60,000 rpm, which makes the device suitable for replacing loud and often inefficient compressed-air tools, but also increases its range of application, e.g., the use of milling tools."

The handpiece features 50% more clamping force, which comes in handy when working on hard materials such as Inconel or titanium. Thanks to a longer shaft, the milling and polishing tools can now easily access hard-to-reach areas as found in impellers, for instance (see photo below). All axes are precisely cut and ground to ensure high concentricity (< 0.01 mm) and the system complies with IP 54. The Eneska micro is downward compatible to all Eneska systems and with handpieces and micro-drives/motors from most manufacturers.