Machineworks Joining parts without gaps

Editor: Steffen Donath

Machineworks’ customers can now take advantage of the advanced offsetting capabilities provided in Polygonica while doing design part comparison.

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Result of glue operation — the two parts have been unioned together with no sliver of geometry.
Result of glue operation — the two parts have been unioned together with no sliver of geometry.
(Source: Machineworks)

Polygonica’s offsetting will help to eliminate noise from the process of identifying gouges and undercut areas. This will allow more automation and will improve the speed and reliability of the entire verification process for end-users. Customers can just drop Polygonica into their Machineworks builds and Machineworks will manage the offsetting process.

Parasolid Bridge: A library that uses the feature detection module to analyse the in-process stock then constructs a Siemens Parasolid model. Portions of surfaces that map onto planes, spheres, cylinders, cones and tori are recreated in Parasolid as analytic primitives whilst more complex freeform surfaces can be passed as polygon meshes.

Driven by increasing customer demand for fast, memory-efficient slicing for large area print-beds, Polygonica’s slicing has been completely overhauled during the 2.3 release cycle. The new slicer is more memory-efficient whilst in many cases improving performance compared to the old slicer.

The new anisotropic offset capability allows applications to offset parts by different amounts along each axis, allowing for more accurate compensation for material distortion.

Glueing allows parts to be joined without gaps. This can overcome issues when unioning parts with surfaces intended to be coincident but which aren’t quite, either due to issues with modelling or due to differences in surface tessellation.

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