Italo-Taiwanese partnership yields jointly-developed VMCs

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The company noted that the partnership’s Typhoon 5A 5-axis continuous VMC features a single-arm tilting joint (A-axis) and support of the integrated rotary table with a diameter of 600mm (C-axis). According to the supplier, the machine is available with X-, Y- and Z-travels of 460, 520 and 400mm for rapid speeds of up to 30m/min. The spindles work with a torque of up to 108Nm and power of up to 17kW and 15,000 rpm.

According to Sigma, the machining centre is especially appropriate for the production of moulds and dies, prototypes and for applications in the general engineering sector.


In addition, the A- and C-rotary axes are operated by water-cooled torque motors. The units also feature pressurised optical scales on all of the linear axes as well as absolute rotary encoders on the two rotary axes to ensure precision, the manufacturer reported.