PP Control & Automation Investing in latest technology to meet increasing demand

Editor: Briggette Jaya

West Midlands manufacturing outsourcing specialist PP Control & Automation has recently installed “crimping” technology to help it cope with increased demand for its strategic services.

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The newly acquired Artos machine will allow faster operation and incresed reliability thanks to the unique software customisations provided.
The newly acquired Artos machine will allow faster operation and incresed reliability thanks to the unique software customisations provided.
(Source: PP Control & Automation)

PP Control & Automation (PP C&A), which works with thirteen of the largest machine builders across the globe, has invested nearly £250,000 in a new Artos CRX33-GVM that has been modified for its production requirements meant for Cablespeed UK.

The Artos machine will allow faster operation and increased reliability thanks to the unique software customisations provided, as well as the integration of two latest Markem-Imaje Inkjet printers, and the latest Z&F Unic-GV Ferrule crimping units, which have latest changeover technology. This is timely too after registering a £4m sales increase in 2018, while plans are in place to build on recent contracts in food processing, mobile phone technology, printing and the dairy sector. The company already has two existing Artos machines prior to this purchase.

PP C&A Chief Information Officer Ian Knight noted: “The latest addition is a slightly smaller model. However, it has been designed and integrated into our production line, and the slightly smaller footprint provides shorter handling distances for processing cables, which will in-turn provide greater accuracy.” He added that this meant 20% faster production running with the same accuracy.

PP Control & Automation, which is part of the Manufacturing Assembly Network, signed a deal with Ardenton Capital Corporation last year, which saw the Canadian-owned private equity fund take a majority stake in the organisation. Current CEO Tony Hague became a significant shareholder in the business after guiding the company into one of the world’s largest and most respected suppliers of electrical control systems and sub-contract manufacturing solutions to customers involved in machine tools, packaging, printing, medical, pharma, scientific and food processing sectors. Injection of funds will help the business target global opportunities as it looks to increase annual sales from £24m to £40m by 2023. Hague noted that to achieve growth one needs to embrace the latest technology as well as employ and develop the industry's best talent.

He concluded: “Strategic outsourcing is very much in demand. There is a clear focus from our customers to reduce both their manufacturing and sales lead times as well as improving total production costs.”

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