Print High Strength, Reinforced Fiber Parts with New Industrial Series 3D Printers[Advertorial]

Introducing the Industrial Series

| Editor: Nadja Schüßler

The X5 Industrial Composite 3D Printer is the ideal solution for load-bearing applications that require real strength. Print parts faster and cheaper than machining metal.
The X5 Industrial Composite 3D Printer is the ideal solution for load-bearing applications that require real strength. Print parts faster and cheaper than machining metal. (Bild: ©2017 MarkForged, Inc.)

Reduce lead times, costs, and effort manufacturing high strength parts 50x faster and 20x less expensive than traditional machining services. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about the all-new industrial series lineup from Markforged.

Designed for engineering performance and affordability, the X3, X5 and X7 printers deliver fiber reinforced composite parts with exceptional strength, accuracy, reliability and repeatability. Explore real-world use cases for the most challenging applications in manufacturing tooling and functional prototyping.

Discover the benefits of these large format, high precision, and fully instrumented machines and how same day printed tools can help you optimize production floor uptime.

Markforged, the only 3D printing platform that prints the entire range of strong parts from carbon fiber to metal with a complete cloud managed 3D solution, recently announced the addition of two new printers to the company’s Industrial Series. Markforged’s new X3 and X5 printers introduce price points that enable customers to print stronger, larger, and lighter parts.

On-demand webinar

To learn more about the Industrial Series Composite 3D Printers, watch the webinar.

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Local manufacturers are often at a disadvantage because they are forced to choose between the sub-par strength of printed parts and long lead times associated with machined parts. With the arrival of the X3 and X5 printers, Markforged has made industrial strength printing financially attainable for every manufacturing business, allowing them to better compete on a global stage.

The X3 is powered by the incredible material strength and stiffness of Onyx, a high temperature capable carbon fiber filled nylon. The X3 prints strictly engineering grade thermoplastic fiber parts, and is available at the disruptive price point of $36,990.

The X5 adds the ability to reinforce an Onyx part with a strand of continuous fiberglass, making it 19X stronger and 10X stiffer than traditional plastics. The X5, workhorse of the industrial line, has the unique ability to deliver parts that are both strong and affordable for only $49,900.

The X7, previously known as the Mark X, remains Markforged’s flagship Continuous Carbon Fiber (CCF) industrial printer platform, yielding 23X stronger parts than with ABS materials. The X7 boasts the industry’s only sub-$1M in-part laser inspection for reliable quality control with a price point of $69,000.

Customers can future-proof their investments as Markforged offers an affordable, industry-exclusive upgrade program allowing customers at any time to leverage their initial investment in an X3 to upgrade to an X5 or X7, gaining access to higher strength materials and inspection utilities.

Long time Markforged customer Dixon Valve, a 100-year-old hose fittings and accessories company, has accelerated their manufacturing in part powered by the use of Markforged printers. The company was able to bring their high strength printing needs in-house, saving both time and money and arriving at a more efficient process that has helped to drive their position as a consistent industry leader.

“Our first Markforged printer paid itself off in less than 1.5 months and saved us over 81% versus machining,” said Bill Hollingsworth, vice president of engineering at Dixon Valve. “This is why we're excited to be first in line to bring the capabilities of one of Markforged's new industrial line printers in-house."

All Markforged printers share a single software ecosystem built on a next generation, cloud-based platform designed from the ground up to protect intellectual property.

“For 30 years, 3D printing customers have been forced to accept trade-offs between strength, time, and affordability -- lacking the opportunity to benefit from all three. With the complete Industrial Series and new Metal X printer, these trade-offs no longer exist,” said Greg Mark, Markforged’s founder and CEO. “Customers can now, with ease, print same-day parts that optimize strength and affordability for their specific needs.”

To learn more about the Industrial Series Composite 3D Printers, watch the on-demand webinar or have a look into the whitepaper "Unlock the Potential of Additive Manufacturing".

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