Studer Internal grinding machine in new ergonomic design

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Swiss company Studer said that its S141 grinding machine, while incorporating expertise and knowledge from decades of experience, has been completely redesigned.

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(Source: Studer)

It is claimed to offer an improved ergonomic design and greater ease of use, with easier access for both workpiece and grinding wheel change through large sliding doors. The company said that the machine also offers short changeover times and that quick reprogramming helps to reduce auxiliary times. It is designed to be suitable for production of individual components or of small and large batches.

The S141 series is available in different design lengths, for workpieces with maximum lengths of 300, 700 and 1300 mm. It can be automatically swivelled from -10° to 20° for axis-parallel grinding of tapers. The 15" touchscreen operating terminal is positioned to the right of the double sliding door, providing a good overview of the work area during machine operation, the supplier said.