Zimmer & Kreim / AMB Intelligent interface makes life simple but accurate

Editor: Briggette Jaya

EDM Programming – Genius Nova from Zimmer & Kreim is a new user interface for programming in erosion machines, which the company says, facilitates the programming of the machines, reduces click paths and enables safe, precise process control even for beginners.

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The new interface facilitates programming and provides safe control on erosion machines.
The new interface facilitates programming and provides safe control on erosion machines.
(Source: Zimmer&Kreim)

According to Zimmer & Kreim, the ergonomic design and intuitive user guidance of Genius Nova allows for high contrasts, clear layouts and content preparations. The Operable function on the touch display provides bright designs and distinct colour highlighting. The size of the buttons/elements and their arrangement have been optimised so the user can also do without a mouse or keyboard.

The company has focused on simplifying the handling. The navigation is user-friendly and the user knows exactly where he is in the system at any time, which proves handy when switching between two work steps frequently, like in switching between programming and positioning. The visualisation of coordinated systems are illustrated and helps the user avoid mistakes.

Armand Bayer, Managing Director at Zimmer & Kreim notes: “We have adapted the interface to the natural handling sequence of the user and provided it with an intelligent control software.”

There is transparency, data security and an integrated data flow from the first CAD planning to the finished workpiece, making eroding simple and process-reliable. Genius Nova can be applied to both series production and 1-batch sized production. The company says sophisticated, intelligent data management is the reason behind the new interface, giving every user the security of a precise, uninterrupted process.

AMB visitors are invited to the Zimmer 6 Kreim's booth D/74 in hall 7 to have a try-out of the Genius Nova.

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