Integrated software solution supports multi-part and family electrodes

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Integrated solution

In family electrodes the roughing and finishing electrodes for a single area are combined in the assembly, with the second part created by re-running the wizard. The different machining offsets required for the rougher and finisher are applied when creating the various parts of the assembly.

Delcam says that it has created a completely integrated solution for the design, machining and inspection of electrodes by combining Power-Shape CAD software, Power-Mill CAM system and Power-Inspect inspection software to. At the heart of the solution is a novel file format – the .Trode file. This contains all the information for each electrode project, including the electrode design, machining and inspection information, and set-up sheets for its manufacture and use. To ensure uninterrupted operation despite the more complex movements around the tool, collision prevention technology from the Power-Mill CAM system has been added into the simulation algorithms.

According to the supplier, it can provide scripts for equipment from a diverse range of manufacturers and asserts that the direct link eliminates the possibility of human error that could occur with manual programming.