Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall Inserts in seven grades for lower-power machines

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal has developed its AXMT insert with seven grades of substrate and three chipbreaker geometries to meet machining demands where lower-power machines or less stable application conditions are encountered.

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The inserts come in seven substrates and three chipbreaker geometries.
The inserts come in seven substrates and three chipbreaker geometries.
(Source: Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal)

The company says the new inserts provide processing benefits, achieving higher levels of maintenance or surface finish. Each insert has a high rake with a curved wave form to the cutting edge and a greater width to the insert to enable more stable seating, which in turn supports cutting, Sumitomo notes.

The seven grades of the tools are able to cut to depths of up to 5mm and include: ACP100, 200 and 300, ACK200 and 300 and ACM 200 and 300.

ACP100 has the ultra-smooth “FF” chemical vapour deposition coating, which provides high wear and thermal resistance for high speed and light cutting of steel. ACP200 has the “Super ZX” physical vapour deposition coating on a tough carbide substrate to enable milling to be maintained at rates up to 1.5 times faster than conventional inserts, the company claims. ACP 300 has a “Super ZX” coating and is designed for use in roughing applications. The AXMT inserts extend Sumitomo’s Wex Wave Mill Series of milling cutter bodies with the introduction of the Wex Type 1000 for 90° shoulder milling applications, which also enables pocketing, helical boring, slotting, shoulder milling and ramping cycles to be carried out with the same tool, Sumitomo adds. Furthermore, the three highly stable cutter body designs incorporate short types “E” and “EL” and shell type “F”, which uses a smaller AXMT06 insert. This insert has a high-rake, wave-style precision cutting edge. Inserts offered are L with 25°, G with 20° and H, which has 5°.

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