Mold-Masters Injection units for multi-material moulding applications

Editor: Barbara Schulz

Mold-Masters has used the opportunity of the recently held Fakuma exhibition to showcase the most complete E-Multi product range ever, the supplier said.

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(Source: o Pudimat)

The company's lineup of portable auxiliary injection units for multi-material or multi coloured applications has reportedly doubled since its inception in 2010 to include the EM4 and the EM2.

With a total of 12 models, the E-Multi line is now said to cover all needs of multi-material injection moulding on single material machines. According to the company, E-Multi easily converts a single material press into a multi-material system. With the addition of this mould-mounted, servo-driven injection unit and rotary platens, a complete and fully portable multi-material solution is provided for use on existing mono-material presses, the supplier said. Moreover, the E-Multi radial mounting option allows for the unit to swing to the non-operator side for mould changes and infinite positioning options.

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