Arburg Injection moulding machine giant wows with 3D printer at in-house event

Editor: Eric Culp

The company first entered the additive manufacturing sector last year.

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Interest in the event earlier this year was rooted in the challenges facing plastics processors, Arburg said.
Interest in the event earlier this year was rooted in the challenges facing plastics processors, Arburg said.
(Source: Arburg)

Arburg, a leader in plastics processing machinery, has reported that its Technology Days event was more popular than ever.

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It said nearly 7,000 guests attended the unique industry event in Lossburg, Germany, in late March. One of the highlights was the Freeformer Technology Centre for additive manufacturing, it added.

The Freeformer, on which Arburg provided information in the form of an expert presentation as well as exhibits in the Efficiency Arena and the new Technology Centre, attracted a great deal of interest among the guests. The new system for the additive manufacturing of functional components made from standard plastics granulates, which celebrated its global premiere at the K 2013 trade fair, was available for first-hand examination and was said to have generated much enthusiasm.

The interest was rooted in the challenges facing plastics processors, which include rapid technical developments, short product life cycles, increasing variant diversity and the demand for customised products. One complete production step can be omitted in comparison with injection moulding because there is no need to design and build a tool. Moreover, product starts can be achieved in a very short space of time.

Based on various product examples, Arburg said it demonstrated how the Freeformer fits into the product range and how it offers new opportunities for product design and for the efficient production of one-off parts and small-volume batches. One- and two-component parts were produced, including an ABS connector housing as a spare part for a company injection moulding machine and a housing for the main switch of the Freeformer itself.

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