Euromold 2013 Injection machine powerhouse enters 3D printing fray

Editor: Eric Culp

A major plastics industry supplier has caught the additive manufacturing bug: Germany’s Arburg, which has earned world renown for injection moulding system technology, has expanded its business range with its own 3D printer, which will be shown at Euromold 2013.

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The Freeformer 3D printer from Arburg is said to suit most environments, even the office.
The Freeformer 3D printer from Arburg is said to suit most environments, even the office.
(Source: Arburg)

Arburg has introduced a 3D printer that uses the types of standard granules associated with traditional injection moulding operations and other methods of plastics processing.

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Unveiled at the K 2013 plastics show in Dusseldorf, Germany, in mid-October, the “Freeformer” will be at Euromold in Frankfurt in early December. Arburg said: “As the name suggests, no moulds or predefined cavities are required for plastic ‘freeforming.’” The technology makes “functional” parts, the company said.

3D printer uses plastics available off the shelf

According to Arburg, the process starts by filling the machine with standard plastic granulate. A heated plasticising cylinder then creates a plastic melt in the so-called discharge unit. A patented nozzle closure with high-frequency piezo technology enables fast opening and closing movements to produce plastic droplets under pressure, from which the required plastic part is additively built up “droplet-by-droplet”.

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