Industrial Event Industry days from the exhibitor's point of view

Author / Editor: Zsolt Meszaros, editor in chief, MM Müszaki Magazin / Susanne Hertenberger

Hungary - As usual, one of the most exciting industrial events in Hungary is Industry Days in May. This is when we have the opportunity to show our novelties to the public, Attila Bagdi, marketing specialist of Fanuc says.

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Attila Bagdi, marketing specialist of Fanuc
Attila Bagdi, marketing specialist of Fanuc

Fanuc is a permanent participant of the simultaneous Mach-Tech and Industry Days. What areas of machinery does the company focus on?

We are in a lucky position, as a company in automation, to have such a broad range of products to offer. This includes a portfolio ranging from machine tools to controls and industrial robots. As such, we have plenty of scope to develop. This year will be an exceptional opportunity as we will be able to showcase more novelties than ever. The unique robot, Fanuc M-2000 that is globally the strongest, will be presented and the extended range of collaborative robots will be introduced. The renewed Fanuc Robocut spark-wire cutters series has been increased with a new machine that has more working space – this is to debut here for the Hungarian public. A three as well as a five-axis machine of the renewed Fanuc Robodrill series will be here to demonstrate their potential in actual production. Furthermore, two of our injection moulding machines will be presented at our booth.

The company ranges the fields of metalworking, injection moulding and materials handling. Visitors will be able to see our machines divided into industries so that those interested in one industry can easily spot the application most interesting to them. Along all these, support services for our machines will also be emphasised as we have dedicated a separate division to customer care, maintenance and training.


A production automation solution is not completed by the machines themselves. What else complements your presence?

As a one-of activity, we have invited several of our partners from different industries to demonstrate our equipment and how they get the most out of our machines. An excellent machine tool is only the basis of an automated manufacturing process, but things do not stop here at all, as the skill of specialised experts in their industry is also needed. The visitors at our site can see a complete automated solution and can examine our automation solutions from all different angles.

Which of your partners will be represented at Fanuc’s booth?

From the metalworking industry, Accretech, with its sensor technology, Schunk, with its holders and Sandvik tools will be on show. In the field of plastics, Cavity-Eye will be represented by its tool pressure monitors and visitors will be able to see the temperers, dryers and pumps marketed by Tooltemp. Visitors can get to know the systems of Pilz's safety technologies closely adjacent to industrial automation.

It was spectacular to see the collaborating robot in operation last year. Do you plan demonstrations to attract crowds this year?

I think there will be no ground for complaints as far as spectacles are concerned. A total of 12 machines will be demonstrated at the exhibition, not counting the equipment of our partners. All our shows are spectacular in their own ways and this one will surely prove interesting for the representatives of the given industry. We expect our demonstration of the largest robot of the world to be one of the most exciting, in which the robot will move an entire car. All our machines will be shown in production, so we will be able to give actual, tangible workpieces for visitors, proving the capacity of our machines. I do not want to reveal all details yet, but I can guarantee those visiting Fanuc’s booth to see many surprises.

Industry Days, 9-12. May, Budapest, Hungexpo

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