Nederman Industrial spring cleaning winter offers

Editor: Briggette Jaya

UK – Nederman’s range of industrial vacuum cleaners is said to be able to handle everything from dust and fume to granulate, grit, swarf, hazardous and combustible materials, including contaminants that may be airborne, on the floor or even laying on plants and equipment.

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The 300E model is for more robust cleaning applications.
The 300E model is for more robust cleaning applications.
(Source: Nederman)

The company is offering a winter promotion with discounts on three models which ends May 2016.

The 160E, the smallest of the three, is suitable for on-torch welding extraction, on-tool extraction for small grinders and sanders as well as industrial floor cleaning. With a maximum air flow of 160 m3/hr, a weight of 19 kg and a motor power of 1200 W, this light-weight cleaner offers low operating and maintenance costs, the company says.

The mid-range 300E model, Nederman notes, is for more robust applications and is good for extracting welding fumes, grinding dust and for general cleaning on construction sites, industrial as well as automotive workshops. With a 2400 W motor, it has a maximum airflow of 300 m3/hr and has a maximum vacuum ability of 22 kPa. The unit weighs 36 kg and comes with a selection of ancillary tools such as brushes, nozzles and hose couplers that can all fit into the accessory box.

The largest offer of the cleaners is the 216E – a dust collector for most extraction needs, for both dry and hazardous materials. The unit has cyclonic pre-separation and the filter system is enhanced with a cartridge separated by a protective plate. With a maximum air flow rate of 460 m3/hr and a motor power of 2400 W, the vacuum cleaner that weighs 69 kg, Nederman adds, is good for all your workshop needs.