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India opts for high-tech made in Germany

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Japan’s traditional role as leader under attack

The most important foreign vendor nation is, of course, Japan, which in 2014 supplied 28% of India’s imports. The German manufacturers, by contrast, as the second-largest supplier category, upped their share from 13 to 14.5%. The order situation in India, too, recorded growth of 41% in 2015 compared to the preceding year. Nonetheless, Japan’s leading position in India has strengthened over the past decade. The German machine tool manufacturers active in India are aiming to successively increase their market shares in relation to Japan. The sophisticated pricing structure plays a crucial role here as an important influencing factor. Maximilian Waizenegger, regional sales manager at the machinery manufacturer Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle in Gosheim, explains: “India has for many years now been a very price-sensitive market. German machine tools are regarded as too expensive. We are increasingly observing, however, that more expensive machines are also being purchased, and that awareness levels for the importance of high quality on the spot are rising very significantly.”

Jens Wunderlich, authorised signatory at Profiroll Technologies in Bad Düben, confirms this statement, and also outlines two strategic approaches for how, in his view, it’s possible to handle the Indian market better in future: “Firstly, German manufacturers have to be prepared to provide technological support on the spot, extending above and beyond the needs of other markets. Secondly, as a company in India, you have to be prepared to modify your products to suit he market’s needs on the spot, which also means slimming down the machines to their essentials in line with the customer’s actual requirements, and providing local service support.”