Carbide Metalworking Tools IMC Group President Wins Noted Korean Business Award

Author / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

The Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of South Korea and the Korean Foreign Corporate Associations hosted an event in November to celebrate the achievements of foreign investors in Korea in 2011. TaeguTec had a winner at the high-profile ceremony with IMC Group CEO Jacob Harpaz winning the Silver Tower Industry Medal of Honor.

This medal of honor is the highest such award to be presented to recipients of non-Korean nationality. Harpaz was presented with the award by Mr. Joong-kyung Choi, the Korean minister for knowledge and the economy, in a ceremony taking place at the Grand Inter-Continental Hotel in Seoul to mark the occasion of the 11th Foreign Company Day. The highlight of the event was the granting of Foreign Investment Awards to those who have contributed notably to foreign investment in Korea.

Harpaz was recognized for his contribution, through TaeguTec, to the generation of employment growth, expansion of investment, regional development, increase in exports and industrial advancement of Korea. Established as one of the most successful cases of foreign direct investment in Korea, TaeguTec, a manufacturer of cutting tools and member of the IMC Group of Companies, continues to be a prestigious ambassador to the country that encourages foreign investment.

The Korean Foreign Investment Awards are intended to boost morale and the profile of the category winners, and also to raise public awareness of foreign investment programmes.

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