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Imaging Software – DHS Dietermann & Heuser Solution will present Version 17 of its image management software, which the company says has been completely revamped.

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Version 17 has a “hands-on” approach to the programming, functionality and design.
Version 17 has a “hands-on” approach to the programming, functionality and design.
(Source: DHS)

The Germany-based DHS Dietermann & Heuser Solution, a software, service and hardware specialist that plans, organises and supports the entire workflow of QA labs note that all modules in the Version 17 now have a uniform, modern design with a a “hands-on” approach to programming and functionality. All modules have been completely re-done, while new features have been added in several modules. The data-processing speed has taken a big boost, which is an advantage for image acquisition, DHS says.

According to the company, new features now packed in new imaging software include the speed of the DHS Image Data Base that has been notably improved. Also, the design of the user and operating interface now has a clear menu guidance, better functionality as well as standardised modules in a new design.

Furthermore, for the DHS-Microcam, captured images are now loaded with a lightning-like speed. Additionally, all images are stored in the image buffer until they have been actively processed by the user.

The new version has upgraded and enhanced measurement functions and several useful features. For example, set point limits and warning functions are now available to ensure thresholds are not exceeded. Moreover, tolerance deviations from set point values are also displayed as well.

The measurement tool has been completely reprogrammed to attain maximum performance – functions are now available for two-dimensional measurements and labelling of previously captured images (distance, area, circumference, angles, circles, etc.).

Furthermore, a clear organisation of the menu guidance and design facilitates the use of a broad range of help functions, including the creation of overlays, digital magnifying glasses, addition of scale bars or grid displays, measurement level previews and a calculator as well as a large number of storage options.

“The software’s design reflects modernity and current needs,” says an enthusiastic Peter Patzwaldt who is the Authorised Officer and Head of Development in the company. “With our new Version 17, we have achieved yet another milestone in the decades-long development story of the DHS Image Data Base.”

At Control, DHS will be in Hall 5, Booth 5109.

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