Integrative Plastics Technology IKV to Hold 26th Plastics Colloquium in Aachen in March

Author / Editor: Doug Sellers / Jürgen Schreier

The 26th IKV International Plastics Technology Colloquium on “Integrative Plastics Technology” will take place March 7 and 8, 2012, at the Eurogress in Aachen. The IKV (Institute of Plastics Processing, of the RWTH Aachen) invites experts from the world’s plastics industry to Germany to attend this annual colloquium.

The IKV plastics colloquium in 2010 drew more than 500 participants and 40 exhibitors. Hosting the event for the first time this year will be the institute’s new head, Prof. Christian Hopmann.

Integrative plastics technology denotes a combination approach to product and process development. It covers integrative simulation from the determination of material data and the simulation of all process steps to the prediction of part properties. It also entails new processing techniques and functional integration by means of multimaterial systems, integrated coatings and surface structures. Further, this technology includes new filler systems and the integration of production-related quality assurance.

Integrative plastics technology is also an important constituent part of the Aachen Cluster for Excellence’s programme “Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries.”

At the colloquium, the IKV’s research fellows will highlight the complexity of integrative plastics technology in 14 sessions and more than 40 presentations of research results from the fields of injection moulding, extrusion, elastomer technology, materials technology, and composites and biomaterials, among others. Four workshops will focus on predicting plastic-product service life, production site and portfolio strategies, high-performance precision tools for medical technology, and fibre-reinforced plastics for lightweight automotive construction. The presentations, workshops and discussions will be translated simultaneously into English.

In the accompanying trade show, exhibitors from the plastics sector and their suppliers will be showcasing products, processes and services. An integral part of the colloquium agenda is a visit to the technical laboratories of the IKV.

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