RWTH Aachen IKV colloquium on integrative plastics technology draws big audience

Editor: Eric Culp

More than 600 plastics industry specialists attended the 26th IKV International Plastics Technology Colloquium in Aachen, making the latest IKV meeting a resounding success.

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More than 600 people attended the 26th IKV colloquium in March. Pictured is the European Hall of the Eurogress Aachen. (Photo: Hendrik Brixius/IKV)
More than 600 people attended the 26th IKV colloquium in March. Pictured is the European Hall of the Eurogress Aachen. (Photo: Hendrik Brixius/IKV)

Under the motto “Integrative plastics technology”, IKV, the Institute of Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University, presented a selection of research results from the past two years ( Attendees from all sections of the industry and 15 nations learned about the latest trends and developments in plastics processing. Consisting of raw material producers, machinery manufacturers, mould designers and plastics processors from nearly 300 companies and institutions, the delegates praised the quality of the presentations and presenters, the event organisation and the accompanying trade show, said IKV.

Prof. Christian Hopmann opened the technical part of the colloquium with a plenary lecture entitled “Still up-to-date? Research and teaching at IKV”. Hopmann said the concept of integrative plastics technology was derived from the “Integrative production technology for high-wage countries” cluster of excellence, the only such cluster in which plastics processing is prominently represented. The cluster investigates ways that companies can meet apparently contradictory market needs in complying with customers’ wishes for individualised products.

Hopmann highlighted challenges facing research teams today, such as shortening production start-up through better process simulation, predicting product properties more accurately through integrative simulation of process-related material properties, combining various processes in production, and integrating different materials. He referred expressly to the high innovation potential of integrative production technology.

During the opening of the colloquium, Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Kraibühler received the Georg Menges Prize 2012, awarded jointly by the VDMA German Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association, Plastics Europe Deutschland e.V. and IKV’s Association of Sponsors.

The Fibre-Reinforced-Plastics Study Prize, donated by Dr.-Ing. Peter Ehrentraut to recognise outstanding scholarly theses in the field of fibre-reinforced plastics, also was awarded this year, for the third time. The recipient of the €1,000 prize was Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Arne Böttcher, a scientific assistant at IKV, whose diploma thesis is entitled “Development of acoustically optimised sandwich structures for aircraft interior parts”.

According to IKV, this year’s colloquium offered another successful platform for networking, one that the guests used actively.

Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

Aachen, Germany

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