Cefamol Hotspot Portugal at the two clusters

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Portugal will be the place to be for the globe's mould industry this October at the Mould Event 2018.

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Mould Event 2018
Mould Event 2018
(Source: Cefamol)

Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis – the two main Portuguese centres active in mould making – are hosting the 11th edition of Mould Event from 1-4 October. Mould Event 2018 organisers, the National Association for the Mould Industry (Cefamol), Technology Centre for the Mould Industry, Special Tools and Plastic (Centimfe), Engineering & Tooling cluster as well as the Open enterprise incubator will play hosts to hundreds of participants, many among them international, coming from the East and the American Continent as well as Europe.

(Source: Cefamol)

Portugal's Minister of Economic Affairs, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, will officially open the event. Comprising seminars, conferences, sessions and workshops with both national and international participation, numerous essential areas of the mould industry will come together, from research through to production at Mould Event 2018. Innovation and technological development focusing on future perspectives will be hot topics with live demonstrations. Key events will include the Moldes Portugal 2018 Conference, RPD2018 (Rapid Product Development), the Brokerage Event (including B2B Moulds 2018) and open houses for mould and plastic companies. Mould Event 2018 will provide a platform for contact between worldwide consortia and companies, and to share as well as discuss ideas and projects.

The Portuguese Secretaries of State for the Industry, Development and Cohesion will be attending the event on 2 October.

Mould Event, the organisers says, will promote the collective brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” showing the integrated skills of this cluster, which range from design to the end product, while also refresh knowledge and trend analysis of entrepreneurs and technical staff.

Statistics: mould making in Portugal

Portugal is said to be the eighth largest world producer in the mould industry, and the third in Europe. Export value in this sector has been growing remarkably over the past years: recording an increase of 103% since 2010. In 2017, exports reached a record of over €675 million. Main markets for Portuguese moulds are Spain (22%), Germany (21%), France (12%), the Czech Republic (6%) and Poland (5%), followed by the U.S., Mexico, and UK, with Slovakia and Hungary rounding up into the the top ten target markets.

National mould producers exported to 93 different markets (countries), marking the international and global dimensions of this industry. The sector currently comprises about 500 companies, most of which are located in two regions (Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis) with 10,500 employees.

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