Synventive Molding Solutions Hot runners with modular actuators, no cooling lines

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – Synventive has launched its SVG+ hot runner systems.

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New standard for Sequential Valve Gating (SVG+) from America-based Synventive.
New standard for Sequential Valve Gating (SVG+) from America-based Synventive.
(Source: Synventive)

With several proprietorial and patented design features, they offer high performance, efficiency and reliability for sequential moulding of large parts.

The company says the system’s simple design eliminates the need for cooling lines or plates. External monitoring and diagnostic tools by way of a Valve Monitoring Interface (VMI) for monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting are claimed to facilitate less downtime and less scrap. Also, this provides real time sequential valve gate status, the ease of set-up and confirms that the piston is traveling as intended. It is also designed for the straightforward upgrade to the company’s “active Gate” technology. Moreover, high quality Class A part surface finishes can be achieved more quickly and that it can mould parts with complex geometries and high dimensional stability.

The SVG+ actuated systems are equipped with new modular actuators and patent-pending Syncool 3 technology, which provides indirect cooling of the actuators without the need for separate cooling lines. As such, it preheats without doing damage to actuator or seals, eliminates clogged or leaking cooling lines and prolongs actuator seal life. Additionally, manifold temperature uniformity is improved and removing the cooling plate facilitates quick-mould changes by eliminating the need to cool down the hot runner to prevent the degrading of the hydraulic fluid.