HRS-Flow Hot runner specialist offers practical trials in EU, US, Asia

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Italy – To demonstrate the potential of its Flex-Flow system in practice, hot runner specialist HRS-Flow has produced three close-to-production spoiler tools.

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Flex-Flow instrument panel demonstration mould at Tatematsu Mold Works, HRS-Flow's Japanese cooperation partner.
Flex-Flow instrument panel demonstration mould at Tatematsu Mold Works, HRS-Flow's Japanese cooperation partner.
(Source: Tatematsu Mold Works)

This way, interested parties are able to carry out trials and material tests themselves at the company's headquarters in San Polo di Piave, Italy, at its factory in Hangzhou, China, and, from mid-2015 in Grand Rapids, USA.

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Another test tool for the manufacturing of a thin-walled instrument panel, with only 1.8 mm of wall thickness, is available from Tatematsu Mold Works, Japan (picture). The spoiler tools, identical in structure, are replicas of an original tool for the manufacturing of a production vehicle's roof spoiler. The component, measuring 1,260 mm x 280 mm x 120 mm with a wall thickness of 4 mm, is moulded from a PP/EPDM compound with 20% talc. One tool is equipped with a 7-fold and one tool with a 5-fold Flex-Flow system and, additionally, six and five pressure sensors respectively, situated directly behind a nozzle and each one at the end of the flow path, in the middle part or on the outer end of the component. The Flex-Flow valve gate nozzles, equipped with a servo-motor, are designed specifically for the manufacturing of large-scale exterior and interior components, the company explains. In the hot runner system, the individual valve pins can be precisely and gradually opened and closed independently from one another, with pre-selected speeds. The filling process, which is thus precisely controlled, contributes to the fact that the surfaces of the components have “class A” qualities without pressure drop marks, HRS-Flow says. This is said to allow for weight reductions of up to 5%, and a 20% reduced closing force. Up to eight valve pin positions are available for each nozzle with a claimed precision of up to 0.01 mm. Up to 16 hot runner nozzles can currently be individually controlled, the company says, which helps inner tool pressure to build up evenly. Other advantages include reduced injection pressure and a more regular pressure distribution during the holding pressure phase, HRS-Flow says.

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