Synventive Hot runner maker installs units to boost production, vertical integration

Editor: Eric Culp

After the installation of a deep-hole drilling machining centre and a recently commissioned vacuum hardening oven, Synventive Molding Solutions said it has implemented its investment plan, which was announced in 2012.

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A look inside the company’s new deep-drilling centre.
A look inside the company’s new deep-drilling centre.
(Source: Synventive)

The plan involved increasing the company’s capabilities through vertical integration, which is expected to result in faster response times for providing hot runner systems and spare parts.

The deep-hole drilling centre, which also mills, is said to allow for the use of optimal tool-sectional data, external programming with simulation and fast, parallel setups and machining in one clamping. This has led to further quality improvements in channel drilling and the plug area of hot runner manifold manufacturing, the company explained. It added that processing and setup times can be reduced by up to 50%.


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Synventive said the vacuum hardening oven, together with a specifically coordinated monitoring and control unit, ensures a hardening process of nozzle mountings and other hot runner components according to the latest technological standards. Curing times are kept under 15 hours, with a 100% traceability of each batch and curing process checks guaranteed for each batch type. Other advantages of this system are online 24-hour monitoring, including fault reporting function and a product-based form placement for optimal heat treatment.

With these machine additions, Synventive said it now owns manufacturing technology optimally suited to the increased demands and trends in the plastics industry, especially in terms of innovative materials in the area of lightweight construction and engineering plastics with high glass-fibre content or other abrasive fillers. The company added that it is well prepared to manufacture long-lasting and optimally designed hot runner systems for the injection moulding of the future.

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