Hasco “Hot Half” – a fully tested and proven complete package

Editor: Steffen Donath

Working together with the customer, the package is designed, manufactured and delivered on time for the required application. The Hot Half comes fully equipped with all the hot runner components and nozzles, as well as the clamping, bolster and nozzle retainer plates, plus the standard components and connectors, and is, therefore, ready for immediate use.

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Hasco hot runner advisers and application technicians are available to assist customers worldwide.
Hasco hot runner advisers and application technicians are available to assist customers worldwide.
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Reliable production can start immediately once the simple process of connecting the Hot Half to the control and supply peripherals has been completed. In addition to checking the mould-specific dimensions, all the drive and connection components are tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. All the test results, documented in the corresponding test reports, are included in the delivery. The Hot Halves are additionally equipped with a USB 2.0 data storage device which contains all the available information, such as drawings, parts lists and measurement protocols. This has the advantage that the data is always on the Hot Half, regardless of where the mould is currently being used, and can thus always be called up directly. As an information storage device to accompany the mould, the Screw Memory A5805 can be used to archive all the mould and/or article-specific data directly in your mould. It can then be read out at any time without any need for a data cable. In addition to the labels for connector assignment, which are permanently affixed with slotted pins, a system-specific nameplate based on the A6500/ is now supplied with each Hot Half. The white-coated aluminium nameplate is individually printed with the system and customer-relevant data and covered with magnetic film. The two available sizes can be positioned either directly on the Hot Half or at a clearly visible point on the injection moulding machine. The hot runner system can then be identified at a glance. This is important in the case of rapid mould changes.

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