Handtmann Horizontal centre now offers turning operations

Editor: Eric Culp

With its HBZ TR 80 T, Handtmann has introduced its first machining centre with a turning option, which is another innovation in its HBZ Trunnion series.

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The HBZ TR 80 T now comes as a mill-turn centre.
The HBZ TR 80 T now comes as a mill-turn centre.
(Source: Handtmann)

The line of Handtmann's horizontal machining centres includes 5-axis processing of workpieces of up to 850 x 1,300 x 1,700 mm made of materials such as aluminium, steel and titanium. The units are designed for a number of industries, including mould, die, tool, aerospace and automotive where mill-turn operations can offer processing advantages, the supplier noted.

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For this year’s AMB, Handtmann said it will present two machines from the HBZ Trunnion series: HBZ TR 80 T and HBZ TR 120.

The machine concept features a compact and rigid design, a double-bedded and driven NC swivel rotary table as well as a wide range of spindles. Spindles can vary from a high-torque spindle with a maximum of 1,010 Nm and HSK 100 tool interface to a high-power spindle with a maximum of 30,000 rpm and 156 kW for aluminium machining.