Hexagon Metrology High-speed portable CMM acts as a complete system

Editor: Briggette Jaya

The unit comes equipped with an integrated laser scanner.

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Th unit can be used for both tactile and non-contact 3D measurement.
Th unit can be used for both tactile and non-contact 3D measurement.
(Source: Hexagon Metrology)

Hexagon Metrology has further developed the Romer Absolute Arm laser scanner, which is said to be faster than previous versions. This scanner can provide an acquisition speed of up to 50,000 points per second, even when scanning high-gloss carbon-fibre. The manufacturer said the Absolute Arm, with its integrated laser scanner, is a portable CMM for both tactile and non-contact 3D measurement, and thus certified as a complete system in line with international standards.

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According to the company, users can now scan up to 66% more surface area in the same timeframe as previous versions. Moreover, the Wireless Scanning Pack offered as an accessory and compatible with old or new Romer Arms, allows any arm with its integrated scanner to be operated completely wirelessly at the same data transmission speed as traditional cables.

For unlimited wireless operation in the field, the Wireless Scanning Pack is said to include a dual hot-swappable battery system where one battery can be charged continuously while the other is in use, the supplier added.